About Us

All Wood Bird Houses is a small workforce with several decades of woodworking experience. Over the years, our skills have evolved to the point where we are able to build a high quality product with a durable design and precise measurements. All of our bird houses are built inside two small workshops where they are built, inspected, packaged and shipped. Our small dedicated workforce is what we believe to be the key to our success. There are no CNC machines, assembly lines or pre-assembled materials used in the creation of our bird houses. Each one is a product of skilled hands.


In 1980, we first began the craft of woodworking and built many things out of wood, using many different wood species. In 2009, bird houses became the only wood product we build.

Many companies today pride themselves on the mere fact that they have grown over the years to an enormous size and include thousands of products and employees. Although size may be a result of success, quality products are not always a direct result of size alone. It is also not a guarantee that the best customer service will be available to you. When companies get too large, their operations tend to divide in functionality causing their products to be created, packaged, stored and shipped out from several different locations. Our bird houses are completed, packaged, inspected and shipped out by the same hands that began the construction.

Although our bird house inventory is small, our product line of bird houses include the styles that we believe are the most popular. We have accepted many requests in the past, and some of our bird house styles are based on those requests.


We plan to continue building high-quality birdhouses for many years to come. The genuine effort that we have made over the years has attracted customers that have become loyal repeat customers and we hope to continue that trend. We hope that you too will become a part of our regular customer base and invite you to call us and give us your requests. Without your requests, we cannot update our inventory based on popular styles that are in demand the most.