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Link building involves building a network of links to other websites. It requires dedication and consistent effort and is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and important tasks of search engine optimization. If done right, it performs well to get a website ranked high. If you are someone with a website who is in a related field as us and you are interested in partnering with us, then call us or send us an email.

We invite you to partner with us!

There are many ways to partner with someone who is in the same or similar field, and we are open to your suggestions. Consider the following link building strategies:

Sponsoring - Advertising a link to your website as a "Featured Sponsor" on our website can help to attract more potential customers to your business. The presence of a link on our website linking back to yours will help your page rank.

Ad Space - If you would like to advertise your company logo, phone number, URL, tagline and a short description, consider a banner advertisement of your company in a designated area on our site.

If you are someone who specializes in bird houses, woodworking, wildlife, arts & crafts, gardening or other related field, then we would like to hear from you. Contact us through our contact form- attn: Steve or Isabel.