Wholesale Bird Houses

Buying wholesale birdhouses to sell has many advantages and benefits, the greatest being that you can enjoy significant savings in one transaction. The more you buy from us in bulk, the more savings you will make, resulting in huge savings over time. Buying wholesale from us shows that you are interested in a partneship and will make it easier to negotiate a better and more favourable arrangement. This means that we are willing to offer credit and free shipping if a long term agreement is reached. By partnering with us, you may be able to negotiate for exclusive rights to be the sole seller of a particular product line and this uniqueness will automatically translate into more money for your business.

You will have a better choice of bird house and bird feeder styles when you buy wholesale from us. You are not restricted to one or two choices for a certain type of bird house. You are even able to buy several variations of the same bird house style with different prices to provide a larger range. We will also accept your special orders for a particular bird house style that you have in mind.

We will offer free shipping on wholesale birdhouses, no matter the price or size and weight of the box. If you want us to ship the product directly to a specified location, then we are able to do that too. If you are serious about selling your goods and services, then you will find All Wood Bird Houses a great website to connect with and a supplier of products that are great quality. You will also find us to be a supplier that you can trust!