Our side mounted bird houses are always easy to mount and require no assembly. Your bird house should be mounted to the side of a wall or post in a way that is accessible to you. A birdhouse should be cleaned once a year and you will need easy access to the bird house to prepare it for the next nesting season.

Make the location as inviting as possible. Proper placement of your bird house will make them more inviting to the wild birds that you are trying to attract. You will always want to place your bird house in a place that is not facing direct sunlight. Placing it to the north or south will reduce the afternoon heat.

Side mounted birdhouses should be mounted from 5 to 30 feet above the ground on the sides of buildings or fence rails. Multiple Birdhouses should be placed at least 25 feet apart to satisfy territorial birds.

Birdhouses are best mounted before the breeding season begins. This should be during late summer or early fall to give birds plenty of time to locate them. Time will allow the houses to be well-weathered by then.

Side Mounted Bird House

Side Mounted Cottage

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Side mount



Side Mounted Birdhouse (open face)

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Side mount


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Bluebird House

model #sm-003

Side mount


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